So why the tag line-Loving life, Celebrating people? Well, I’ll begin with what Anthony Hopkins said…“I love life because what more is there?” Hmm…ponder on that for a while. Whats more, hasn’t God graciously given us this life to enjoy?…and didn’t He send His only son Jesus that we may have life more abundantly? I rest my case.

People were fashioned and made after God’s own Image. They express God’s genius. That’s why I CELEBRATE them by highlighting their lives through Interviews and also doing reviews on great works that they do. If you fall into this category of species called ‘Man’…I may just knock on your door for an interview or review the interesting things that you were created for. Question is, will you let me? I have this good feeling that you will say a resounding YES! So yeah, thats why I’m loving life and celebrating people! (This is the part where you do a standing ovation for me like you would for deep genius thinker! Ahem) ^_^

Anyway, I’m in love with any form of art, be it music, dance, poetry, photography, cinematography, but I’m more inclined to theater…being on stage is one of the avenues that I get to express my highly vibrant personality. So far the characters I have played are: The Bishop’s wife (they had to make me wear a rugged wig and a grandma outfit for this role :) ). I also featured in Braeburn’s musical Oliver Twist where I took the role of a book seller. In campus, I was corporal Kefa in the play Bride price and played Judge in the play The Homecoming. I have also featured in a couple of church productions during Easter and Christmas presentations at my home church, Victory Faith Church located in Garden Estate. My first ever play to write and direct was one Princess Jeridah, and its after this experience that I decided to take my love for performing arts very seriously, not some hobby that I do during my free time. I play guitar, and my passion for it was inspired by soulful artists like India Arie, Bob Marley, Jeremy Camp…just to mention a few. (I’m that noisy neighbor who loves strumming in the wee hours of the night, but I consider it free entertainment for anyone who’d care to listen!)

Some of my main interests have been broadcast journalism, a candid love for world affairs and focused study on biblical prophecy of the end times. Of course it also goes without saying that I have an incurable liking for writing, the reason why I decided to start blogging. Hope you have a wonderful read as you go through all posted articles. Cheers! *_*

Kind Regards,

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  1. Anonymous

     /  July 25, 2012

    Hey bro…still waiting for my long awaited talk and tea?? Wapi? Lini? All the best!

  2. Gosh I think you’re like my soul brother or something (except for the acting part). I’ve been longing to learn guitar…do you teach or know of good teachers/schools? And where can I get a good quality, affordable guitar?


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Loving Life, Celebrating People.

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