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This is Arce Ciara..the girl with a  fun and outgoing personality, blended well with a little seriousness to life.  Ciara, who lives in North carolina, has a passion for film and theatre. I immediately loved her chemistry with the camera after watching a short-film, The Vision. She’s a natural I must admit…her acting prowess is flawless. Its no wonder Juan Camilo, the Director and write of the Vision, shortlisted her for the lead role.  Just recently, I conducted an online interview with Ciara, where she gets to talk about herself in a nutshell. The interview went something like this…

Tell me something about yourself….

Well for one, I’m a HUGE procrastinator and I’m totally sorry about that! Another thing is I’m just totally crazy. I love running, hanging out with my friends, drinking tea, rummaging at Goodwill’s and all those other things that we teenagers like to do minus the bad things though. I’m a good kid. I don’t like the thought of getting in trouble, I hate it. Haha I’m that girl who likes to be known anywhere I go, so I guess you can say I’m very outgoing! Meeting new people is like one of my favorite things ever. I get a real joy out of it! But then again there’s a lot of things I get a joy out of! I recently picked up playing video games, and so I’m pretty much a newbie at that but I love it. I also hope that I don’t make myself sound retarded after this. :)

Congratulations on recently graduating…what do you plan doing in college??
Oh, Thank you so very much! It feels so great to finally be out of high school! Right now, I’m attending a community college close by, taking some main courses that way after a couple of years I can transfer to UT, university of TN, to then major in accounting! WOOHO! The college life is probably the coolest thing ever. haha

How did you get involved in acting??
Oh gosh, let’s see. I think ever since I first watched Disney channel, I would say when I was about 10, I told myself that’s what I want to do. I remember my first play in Middle school, it was some Christmas play but it was so much fun, although I didn’t do that good. Haha I was very nervous, but I loved it.

How many plays have you done so far??
eh, I’ve only done a few plays in my school career but if I wasn’t in them, I always made sure I’d help out with them. Whether it was with tech, or setting up the sets, or even giving impute about the play to the director.

Are you working on any current projects??
I am currently not working on any projects :( :( but I definitely do hope to find time for a side project for me to do.

Which has been your most favorite character that you have played so far??
To be honest, my favorite character was the one that I played in The vision. Something about that character that I just fell in love with. As soon as my friend Juan Camilo told me about it, I was totally in! I think it cause with that I think anyone can really relate to just having any type of problem.

Ciara on set with actor and Director, Juan Camillo.

Who’s your favorite actress/actor??
My favorite actor of all time is Zach Galifianakis. He is just so funny. Like if I had to choose one person I wish I could work with it would be him. I absolutely love him in “The Hangover.” He actually is from North Carolina too which I think is awesome! haha 🙂

Your facebook profile says ‘married’…hmmm…
Haha, well about that… I’m not married, shocker right? But I am in a relationship with my best guy friend. His name is Cory and we have been together for about a year and it honestly couldn’t be any better or I mean I guess it could but you get what im saying. He really is awesome and everyday with him is like a new journey.

Ciara with Cory Niko Sabol

Who’s your best friend and tell me what you like about him/her…
Okay so besides Cory, cause I date him, I would have to say my girl friend Jourdan Gallman! She is like my sister/other half. The weird thing is she is like the total opposite but somehow we just get each other! She brings out the country in me! Haha I love that girl, we have been through ups and downs, pretty much everything. Shes my bestfriend!

If you could sing any song it would be…..
Any song sung by Adele because I absolutely love her voice! If I had a voice like her, I would sing everything! Haha

If you would travel the world, the first place you’d think of going would be…
Anywhere in Europe!!

Just in case you landed to hollywood…what in the world would you change using your influence?
Cyber-bullying, because it is so depressing to hear those stories about kids taking their life over a person who bullied them.

Tell me one thing…anything…you know about Kenya…
I know that it is in Africa! And I know that I would love to visit it one day!!

What is your most embarrassing moment (hahaha…I’m waiting for this one)
My whole life is embarrassing; I don’t think I go a day without embarrassing myself. Haha I’m a bit of a blonde.

Name five people in the world you’d love to meet..

  1. Demi Lovato-because she has inspired me to not let anything bring me down and to sing.
  2. Zach Galifianakis-because he’s just hilarious
  3. J.K Rowling-because I love the harry potter series 
  4. Lady gaga– she’s crazy!
  5. And lastly YOU! Kabue James!

What was the last book you read??
Frankenstein‘, I was surprised on how good it was too. I never really knew the whole story about Frankenstein and so it was really cool reading it.

Dogs or cats…
BOTHH! I’m a sucker when it comes to animals! I love them all!


Here’s the short film featuring Arce Ciara.
Directed and Written by: Juan Camillo.
Assistant Director and Lighting Technical Director: Tyler Harmon-Townsend.

© 2011 UniStellar Pictures
© 2011 DigitalLaugh

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