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Brenda Wairimu needs no Introduction. She’s the drop-dead-gorgeous lass who has graced our television screens with her admirable persona. Having featured in some of the best television shows this side of the sahara, then we can conclude that her acting prowess is literally to die for. The last few years have seen Brenda’s star shine brighter and brighter…and I’m confident that the future holds much more shine. If I quote the words of her own Manager, Ruth Adallah, “…Brenda stands as one of the hottest new kids on the block to look out for. She has even gained international recognition with features in New York City magazines, websites and graces our local newspapers and sites….”(Including this blog :D) Apart from acting, Bren seems to have a lot up her sleeves…and its good to know there’s more to her than rehearsals, scripts and sets! Brenda is actually a brand ambassador for Computers for growth…an initiative that seeks to provide less fortunate schools with computers. As the world grows more digital, this cause couldn’t have come at a better time and I must commend her for this noble cause. Well, there’s lots to learn from this queen of the arts…and so without wasting any more time, lets dive into the interview and find out what she had to say about her life in a nutshell. Enjoy!!! 😀

*So Brenda, give us a little description of you.
How can I?! To describe/ define, is to limit. 🙂

*And how was it growing up in Mombasa? Do you have any siblings?
It was amazing growing up in Mombasa, the weather was always amazing. I got to go to the beach so much that it puzzles me how people not from Mombasa are so into it hahaha. I grew up around a culture so different from my own and that gave me an open mind. Yes I have three older sisters and a little brother.

*Talking of family…a while back you lost your dad. Would you briefly tell us more about him? What do you miss about him most?
I miss everything about dad. I miss his voice and how he used to say  “hello” on the phone. I miss how he loved me…I miss him calling me each time he saw me on tv or in the papers…I miss being afraid when I knew I’d done something that would upset him…and I could go on and on. I’d give anything to have him back. 😦

*To someone going through the same predicament of losing someone close…what would you tell them?
I still don’t know what I wanted to be told myself, so it’s difficult when you to try to find the right words, even after going through the same thing. We can only pray that time really does make it better, that’s what I keep hearing so I hope it’s true.

*Away from the sad moments, on 24th January, 2013…you posted on your fan
page “So, its just SIX days to the release of the #BBB project, a step towards the rest of my career. I can’t wait to share it with you guys!” So, What is this BBB project? Kindly take us through your philosophy of Believing…Beginning…and Becoming.

It’s actually as simple as it sounds. If you have your mind set on what you want to achieve, then you must first believe that it can be achieved, then you begin. Take that first leap….and with prayer, hard work, dedication, you shall most definitely become what you aspire to be.

(Check out Brenda’s video below titled Being Brenda, her release of the #BBB project, shot at Rolf’s place. I loved the production design of this video and I must commend the producer, Ruth Adallah and Joshua Werema who shot and edited it. Absolutely fabulous.)

*What inspired all this?
The hunger for success that I see in so many young people. We just need that little extra push from ourselves.

*Lets also talk about the causes you are currently behind. You are a brand ambassador for Computers for growth. Tell us more on this cause and what you have accomplished so far.
It’s an initiative where we aim to provide as many less fortunate schools as we can with computers and the appropriate training to be computer literate, to be able to compete on a level playing field with others students who have easy access to computers and training on the same. It’s an increasingly digital world, and we hope to give every Kenyan student that equal opportunity.

*Some of your friends and yourself are working on another project for disadvantaged girls. Tell us more about that…
One of the problems some young girls experience (and this I found out during Computers For Growth school visits) is the lack of sanitary towels. So they would rather miss school for the three-four days of the month than risk going to school and be laughed at. Cool 4 Skool hence aims to provide re-usable sanitary towels to students who can’t afford pads so that they don’t miss school at least. We aim to make school cool to go even when it’s that time of the month.☺

*By choosing to work for these causes, what would you say you have learnt so far?
That we sometimes complain too much. I wish I could personally focus on all the things I should be grateful for. There are people going through much worse situations than most of us and they still find reason to laugh and be thankful. If each of us would look outside ourselves to see what can be done for someone else every now and then, we really can change the world. Crazy as it sounds!

*What’s your long term vision for both of these causes?
Again, I don’t want to limit us. My vision for it is to grow as big as God will allow it…to reach as many people as we can!

*Now, critics would say…“What’s a celebrity without a cause? They would argue that charity is something all celebrities and public figures do…ways of making them look good to the society…and not necessarily something they do from their heart. Prove the critics wrong!
If I work so that I can prove critics wrong, it beats the whole purpose. If we end up looking good to society, then even better, because in that way we end up convincing more people to join in the cause.

*Lets switch gears to your acting career. How did your journey in acting all begin?
It started with many failed auditions and rejections. But it all took a turn when I finally landed a role in Changing times. All from a Facebook post about the auditions. I beat 800 other people to get the role 🙂

* You’ve charmed your way to the hearts of many Kenyans through Mali, Shuga, and Changing times. Now, what are you future ambitions with regard to your acting career?
I want to tell African stories. There’s so much culture, so many great stories to be told. I want to be a part of that…and to be a powerhouse that motivates and inspires others too!

(Brenda with some Mali cast: Daniel Peter, Mkamzee Mwatela and Mumbi Maina)

*Modesty aside, do you think you have what it takes to catch the eye of a Hollywood director? And what genre of film would you like to feature in?
Modesty aside, I do. Foreign films, in this case African stories. Trust me, it will happen!

*Have you ever done any stage acting? If no, would you take up the challenge if the opportunity comes up?
I tried it once, for like a week in secondary school. I’m actually going to do a stage play once I’m done with the project I’m attached to now, or maybe even a musical!

*Name for me some actors and actresses, both locally and international, who greatly inspire you.
Nini Wacera, you can never forget her as Susan in ‘wingu la moto’. When you can’t forget a character, it shows you how good they are. Also Raymond ofula, Lucky to be working with both of them on this new show. It’s like a dream come true ☺ I still get star-stuck. 
Anthony Hopkins…he was brilliant as Hannibal…Merryl Streep…the list is endless.

(From Left: Nini Wacera, Meryl Streep, Raymond Ofula and Anthony Hopkins)

*Of all the roles you have played…which one do you fancy the most?
I loved playing Dallah on MTV Shuga. I had to convince the audience in a short series that I was in love, on how sometimes we don’t really think straight when we think we are in love. It sent a strong message of Love, Sex &Money especially among the youth and I’m happy I was given the chance to pass the message and was I able to bring that out.

(Part of the Shuga 2 cast. From Left: Nancy Wanjiku, Nick Ndeda, Brenda Wairimu, Avril, Antoneo-soul and Nick Mutuma)

*What are your strongest traits as an actress?
I can switch from one emotion to the next easily. One of the benefits of being a woman I guess?? hahaha. I’d like to think I also have a strong screen presence.

*What are some of the greatest lessons that you have learn from your directors and fellow actors?
They are numerous and invaluable. I learn new methods of acting every day…before I didn’t even know there were methods! Even away from acting, they teach me how to be in the industry-the dos and don’ts…advice on scripts etc. I can’t thank them enough. 🙂

*What areas would you like to improve as an Actress?
I still have so much to learn, I want to improve my whole art as a whole. I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning.

*A word of advice to upcoming actresses who would like to be where you are…
The very cliche ‘don’t give up’, If it’s in your heart, you never know when your breakthrough will come through.

*The Kenyan film industry is gradually picking up and becoming of age. According to you, where do you see this industry in the next ten years or so?
We young thespians in the industry have so much to be thankful for, especially to those who paved the way for us. In ten years I hope, we will have paved way for new budding talent!

*Lets turn to your other close passion, which is modeling. Is this something you do on the side or is it something that you plan taking on seriously?
For now, it takes the second seat to acting. However, I use my modeling pictures to sell myself as an actress, to sell my brand.

(Some of Brenda’s fashion photos)

*Talking things fashion, Alcott Kenya approached you on being their brand ambassador. What kind of exposure did you get working for them?
It was such an honor to be among the Alcott Kenya brand ambassadors, it reinforced my brand, added to my portfolio….

*Are there any local fashionistas who inspire you?
My sister Sylvia has always been my fashion inspiration 🙂

*Lets say you became one of the most influential women in the world. How would you change the world using that kind of influence?
How would I not!!!! They say its not possible to have world peace, but I know I’d sure try!

*Now, there’s no question about you dating Juliani. Question is…how did it all begin? (Do tell) 🙂
We were introduced by a mutual friend, at first he didn’t know it was me, or who I was (actress)even. He thought I was another Brenda! LOL! 😀

(Juliani and Brenda)

*Do you foresee the BIG question coming soon? Ahem! ^_^
Lol! Next question!

*What’s the hardest part of being a celebrity?
I’d have to say its having to be ‘on’ all the time. You have to be the brand they see and read about regardless of the kind of day (or days!) your having.

*It goes without saying that celebrities like your self get prowled with stalkers. Is there an extreme case you’d like to talk about?
Hahaha, not so much really. But this one time a school bus followed me around town topped them all!

*What’s your favorite movie of all time?
Just one???? Gosh! Lemme pick three. The sound of music, Pulp fiction and The Hannibal series.

*On 17th January 2013, You posted “My day has started off with me almost being carried away inside those excLOOsive mobile loos, heh, and me shouting “kuna mtu ndani jamani!!!”, LOL, maybe all this is coz I’m the shi*t?!?! Hehehe, siku njema!” Does this hold the cup as your most embarrassing moment? Kindly share another! *_*
Hahahahahahaha, gosh and you know, no one would have ever found out about that! But I just had to post it online..serves me right, ha? Another, is when I fell at the Kalasha red carpet, but it was at the end of the event, I hope nobody saw me! I got up so fast !!!!


Thats the much we could peep into Brenda’s life for now. Hopefully part 2 may come later…especially if she’ll be gracing the corridors of hollywood and migling with A-Class celebrities! I’ve had so much fun compiling this and I’m hoping you have enjoyed reading it. Catch up with Brenda by clicking on her social links below…and while you are at it, remember to put to heart the resounding words of beginningbelieving and becoming. My work here is done! Cheers! 😀

>Thanks Bren fro allowing me to work with you on this! I’m honored! 😀
>Ruth Adallah. I think Bren is privileged to having you as her manager. Thank you for everything! (when I become famous, will you allow me to hire you? :D)
>Some of the photos I’ve used are courtesy of Ben Kiruthi, definitely one of the best Wedding photographers we have in Kenya. Check him out here:
>I’ve used one photo courtesy of, voted the best Kenyan Blog of the Year at the BAKE Kenyan Blog Awards gala night 2013. Asanteni sana.

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